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This site is currently under construction, but will feature synthesis, commentary, and critical analyses of ideas in the areas of philosophy of science and medicine, human science, trans-disciplinary concepts of mental disorder/order, the socioeconomic-political context of wellness, social psychology, research translation and science communication, applications of design thinking to social systems engineering, intellectual humility, and tolerance of uncertainty versus embracing uncertainty—to name a few.


We are, however, collecting your responses as they relate to some proxies for the aforementioned topics of thought. If you are curious, please contribute here:

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We are deeply grateful for the time and energy that you give.


We also hope to create a podcast broadly related to the topic of suffering: how we conceptualize it, the types, content, and frequencies that may characterize the experience, and the role of pain as it relates to lifelong development.


There will be a focus on intra personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal suffering: how these concepts relate to one another and how we all have a role to play in making progress toward minimizing this type—a seemingly social-spiritual type--of human suffering. We aim to reflect upon the emotions and attitudes that underlie how we communicate with ourselves and others, so that ultimately, we can generate a shared dialogue around both what it means to be humble and open in the face of alterity, unknown others, the natural world and cosmos.



Other thematic questions that may be explored include:


How can we encourage epistemic reflection, critical thinking, and intellectual humility and honesty so that we do not (intentionally or unintentionally) dehumanize one another? In other words, how can we think and behave less like assholes and more like human beings (whose commonalities usually outweigh our differences so perhaps it’s time to let go of the desire to market ourselves as “unique”: this seems an ironic concept because “being unique” is characteristic of everybody which paradoxically renders nobody “unique”) so that we can problem solve and create shared opportunity—together?


How can we cultivate a mindset of equanimity in the face of inflammatory, antagonistic discourse? Relatedly, how can we displace social identity politics from our mainstream cultural narrative (and any/all discussions in which we are a part in the day to day) and replace it with descriptive, analytical, and conceptually open dialogue?

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