Discussion Paper Series: The Markov blankets of life: autonomy, active inference and the free energy principle

Abstract: This work addresses the autonomous organization of biological systems. Itdoes so by considering the boundaries of biological systems, from individualcells to Home sapiens, in terms of the presence of Markov blankets under theactive inference scheme—a corollary of the free energy principle. A Markovblanket defines the boundaries of a system in a statistical sense. Here we consider how a collective of Markov blankets can self-assemble into a globalsystem that itself has a Markov blanket; thereby providing an illustrationof how autonomous systems can be understood as having layers of nestedand self-sustaining boundaries.

Discussion Paper Series: “Schizophrenia as a Paradigm Case for Understanding Fundamental Human Processes”

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Schizophrenia as a Paradigm Case for Understanding Fundamental Human Processes Reconceptualizing “schizophrenia” as experiencing being/becoming and nothingness, eyes wide open. Analysis, Synthesis, and Discussion Questions Reference  

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