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OpenNeuro | A free and open platform for sharing MRI, MEG, EEG, iEEG, ECoG, ASL, and PET data

Tyler Laboratory of Neuroscience & Neurotechnology | Open Neurotech


NASA Open Innovation


Citizen Science Association


Experiment | Crowdfunding Platform for Scientific Research

Patient Innovation

Four Thieves Vinegar

Cochrane Crowd

Cochrane Crowd | Cochrane Schizophrenia

InnoCentive | Solve the world’s greatest challenges


Open Humans Foundation

Personal Genome Project

Quantified Self

The Portal Wiki

BosLab – DIYbio Boston | Cambridge

DIY Human CRISPR Guide

Digital Tools for Citizen Science | Curated list of awesome lists | Project-Awesome.org

BioCurious | Community biology lab for amateurs, inventors, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to experiment and learn


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