Real World Risk Institute, LLC

real world risk institute, LLC

Small business founded by Nassim Taleb that hosts 10-day intensive workshop focussing on engaging with risk (as opposed to managing or deflecting it). The design of the program takes the form of apprenticeship models, reinforcing the importance of both didactic instruction and practical application. If nothing else, we encourage you to merely read the description … Read more

Hackerspace Prague [brmlab]

Excellent hackerspace/makerspace operating out of Prague. In mainstream discourse, terms like “biohacking” or “neurohacking” have typically conferred negative connotations, perhaps due to popular notions that “hacker” communities are inherently comprised of anarchists who break rules for the purpose of antagonizing governing authorities. This is certainly a possible narrative for some participants, in some spaces, and … Read more


“The project aims to help innovators create “innovation bricks” that tackle specific problems, helps entrepreneurs use those bricks, stack them together and create viable businesses, and help investors fund successful innovation in a positive-sum economy, where an investment in 1 is an investment in many” is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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