What does Democratizing Science and Medicine mean?

The current state of science and technology excludes many individuals from participating, despite the potential for technology to democratize these fields. This exclusion perpetuates inequities and undermines the scientific enterprise itself.

Key arguments:

We currently limit participation in science to “elite” institutions and individuals, despite the potential for broader involvement.
This exclusion concentrates decision-making power and knowledge in the hands of a few, often driven by self-interest rather than collective progress.
This ultimately harms everyone, regardless of their role in the system (fearing inadequacy, passively consuming knowledge, or self-perceived intellectual superiority).
Call to action:

The author asks for suggestions on how to change the system at various levels (individual, social, political) to create a more inclusive and equitable scientific landscape.

Additional information:

The text includes resources related to open science, citizen science, and democratizing knowledge production.

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